Sexy Rockelle has some really POWERFUL farts in this
update.. but my favorites were when she was farting
in the poor puppy dogs face!  See we are just not
lucky enough to be there so when she sticks that
big ol booty in the stuffed animals face it really gets
your imagination going on what it would be like if
it were really YOU sitting there getting face farted!
Her butt looks so big in this one too.. you will love it!
Believe it or not there are some guys that do not like their
faces farted on!!  Yea.. I know... shocked the hell out of me
too!  Rockii's bf loves her farts but sometimes they SMELL SO BAD
that he gets annoyed with her when she is farting constantly around
him.  so what do you think she does... she farts constantly around
him just to annoy him that much more!  She loves to stick her booty
right on his head while he is under the covers laying on the couch
and rip LONG DEEP farts vibrating his forehead.  Yes it would be
a dream come true to all of us but this guy is just straight "annoyed".

Rockii is one of my favorite models and since I have
never met her I had her do a custom idea for me.  I wanted
her to lay in my favorite positions.. pretend I was back
there behind her and that she was blowing fart after fart
right into my face!  Simple right?!  Well let me tell you one thing
these are some of the LONGEST farts that I have ever heard!
I don't know what she ate exactly but she created MAGIC back there!!

This is a no frills update!  Rocky loaded up on hotdogs
and corned beef for 3 days because I told her I wanted
 her BEST FARTS YET!  The only other directions I
gave her was to show off that big round booty!  Let's
just say...  SHE DELIVERED.  I present Unstoppable Gas 2!
This is a clip from us like you have never seen!
It is a "taboo" concept and it is not "Rockii".  Just
thought I would throw in something different for
once to see how you guys would like it.  This is going
to be very interesting to see peoples reactions.  We
have never put out anything like this before!!  Just Watch!!
She has been flirting with you all day!  Farting
and waving them over your way...putting on
your favorite jeans and ripping deep jean farts.
She even put on cute full back panties and farting
right in your face!  You are super horny after all
of this farting and flirting.. so ... you know what
that means... it's time to TEAR THAT ASS UP!
Sex and a hot blowjob from Rockii POV style!
In this set Rockii is farting candidly in many
different scenes and settings.  She is having fun,
being silly and letting them rip for the whole world to see
and this clip is LOADED with some of her best farts!  Jeans,
panties, leggings in all types of different backgrounds.
Just being a girl that is not embarrassed by her gas.
This clip will remind you of the girls we often see on U Toob!
Just your "girl next door" proving GIRLS DO FART!
Rockii is the ultimate "girl next door" type.  She's cute,
funny, bubbly and has a great personality!  She is GREAT
at the candid clips, just having fun letting out her "fart bombs"
The "regular girls" are always my personal favorites but I
must admit Rockii does have a freaky side that rivals that
of the experienced adult models.  I call that side of her
"Rockelle".  In this set She give your the best of her
candid side with lots of farts that are taped over a 2 week
time frame but she also unleashes "Rockelle".  She has a
scene where she is masturrbating, farting and SQUIRTING
all over the place!  Yes I said SQUIRTING! So join now and
weigh in on which of these characters best suites your taste.
Canid Rockii or the Freeky Freek Rockelle!!
One of these days I am going to marry my beautiful girlfriend
Rockii.  She is so pretty, down to earth and she really takes
care of me.  She does not mind my fart fetish as a matter of fact
she farts around me all the time!  She is so comfortable farting around
me whenever.  Watching tv, chatting over coffee, during dinner.. it
really does not matter.  Often times she will be mid sentence and rip a
big fart and just go right back into what she was saying like nothing
ever happened.  She loves that I have a fetish for her farts in fact after
farting for me all day she usually has to touch herself at night because
getting me turned on actually turns her on.  I am so lucky to have her. Yep
Just a day in the life when you are marrying a fart fetish model.
"The Waiting Game"
Rockii has no problem farting for you
but wait until SHE is ready.  Let her do
her chores.  Let her clean, let her read her
magazine... don't creep her out about it.
She does not mind if you follow her around
and hear her farts but when she is ready she
will REALLY indulge you like you want it!
This video starts off "voyeur" style and then
she really turns into "fetish" mode and she
makes of all of your fart fantasies come true!
But until then, you are playing the waiting game!
Sometimes you just have that perfect storm of food
brewing in your stomach and it creates SUPER FARTS!
It's last nights pot roast mixed with this mornings
coffee coupled with the tuna sandwich at lunch and
the frozen yogurt for a snack... and BOOM! SUPER FARTS!
They stunk, they were loud, long and PLENTIFUL
Sexy Rocki was in the middle of making another one of her hot hot videos
when her stomach just turned sour.  She blames leftovers of honey baked
ham and 7 layer dip that was loaded with onions.  She started off with some
ladylike farts and then added in some candid farts, some sexy fetishy ones
when all of a sudden her farts turned FOUL!  They were all LONG AND LOUD
like they usually are but after a few days the smell was UNBEARABLE!  The
smell was so bad she really could not concentrate on the ideas that I gave her
She would just let them blow out and waft away that awful smell.  You could
tell that her stomach was really upset and this whole set ended up in an
explosive visit to the toilet.. yes.. APPLE-DROPPING!
I don't need a girl with big fake boobies, all I need is this
I don't need a girl with 50k followers on instagram, all I need is this
I don't need a chick with booty implants and a weave, all I need is this
I don't need the "pouty lip" celfie girl, all I need is this

Rockii is all the woman any man could ever hope for!  Sexy, thick,
curvy "girl next door" type with a "please her man" mentality.  Not
some cunt who thinks she is better than you and that you should bow down.
NO no no!  She is here to take care of you!  Treat you like a man likes to
be treated.. indulge your wildest desires and make them her own.  In
this case she is your fart fetish princess and the two of you share in
this fetish together in your own little naughty world!  FUCK them
instagram and twitter hoes... THIS right here is all I will ever need!!

Having a hot gf that is willing to do whatever
you want is like having a jeanie in a bottle.
She is a "mid western" girl so she is always
FULL OF GAS!  Meat and potatoes every nite
makes for  great farts every day all day long!
She is more than happy to fart in front of you
and if you want to sniff she will bring that round
ass over to you and smash it on your face!  She
only wants to please you.. she talks sweet and
she is happy to make your fart fetish come true
over and over again.. every day!  Her videos
make  you feel like you are right there with her!
The way her farts sound will drive you crazy!
So long and gusty and you KNOW they smell
strong because of her midwestern diet!
You have been asking your gf forever
if she will fart for you.  She thinks it
is kinda strange but being the good gf
that she is she decides to share with u
that part of her.. but be warned!  She
farts like a MAN!  So now not only will
she fart for you she wants you to smell
them and tell her how bad they are.
Do her farts smell bad or what?
My GF Rocki is a great farter!
Most of her farts are looong and HUGE!
Those big farts are great to hear but even
if the fart is 10 seconds long once it's gone...
its gone.  I am a "smell" guy so sometimes that
can be frustrating.  So I wanted to try something new,
I had Rocki let out her LOOOONG farts into short
bursts of stinky air.. in other words.. break that long
fart up into a bunch of smaller ones.. so that way when
she farts in my face I can then "savor the flavor"
Why have one big gust of rotten veggies when you
can have 10 smaller ones?!  Why have one looong
blow of "doggy poo" smelling fart in your face when
you can have 15?!  you get the idea.....
Every night before I go to sleep I get whatever
we had for dinner blown back into my face by
Rocki's sexy big ass!  That's right a DUTCH OVEN
every night!  We lay there, she sticks out that round
booty of hers and puts it right in my face and she pulls
the covers up and BLASTS AWAY!  I love the way her
farts smell!  We are from the Mid West and Rockii is a
meat-eater so most nights I'm sniffin' PURE SULPHUR!
The farts are always LONG and the odor is always
STRONG!  Rockii likes to look under the covers to
check on me to see if I am still alive, she actually
gets turned on doing this for me.  I love my life!
I grew up eating this tasty treat
but little did I know that years later
it would serve as a FART SUPER FOOD!
That's right Rocki loaded up on baked beans
and hot dogs for a few days and her stomach
was BLOWING UP WITH GAS!  Now for the good
part.. she has trapped you under the covers so you
can get the INTENSE SMELL without it fading away.
She blows LONG, DEEP, MOANERS right in your
face as you lay there, under the covers behind her
big round ass!  She also HOT BOXES you in the car
to smell her ROTTEN SPINACH farts!  By the end of
this update you will know EXACTLY how her farts smell!
Rocki is a very sexual girl.  In fact to keep a
chick like her happy you better be ready to give
her the "D" every night!  She tells you she wants it,
she wants it in her mouth, she wants you to shoot
your load on her tongue!  But there is a slight problem.
You don't get turned on the same way most guys do.  You
need a round ass in your face blowing LONG, GUSTY
SULPHER BOMBS!  Rocki is a mid-western girl and
she eats a lot of red meat.. so her farts always have
that suphury, "typical fart smell" aroma to them.
Well that smell, coming out of that round ass is
what REALLY gets you going so she gives you
exactly what you need to get ROCK hard. YOUR viagra!
Rockii has not pooped in 4 DAYS! Baby Girl is really backed up and for that reason her farts smell like DEATH!  Good thing is Rockii has a fart fetish so she is really enjoying these POTENT POOPY POOTS!  Still being sexy, still with the hot poses, still being her funny, cute self but she cannot deny the PUTRID GAS coming out that ASS! She said her whole house smelled after this set because she farts so BIG AND LONG which means a lot of stinky air blowing in the atmosphere!  
She doesn't have a make up artist.
There are no implants or injections.
There is no photographer or cameraman.
She is just your girl next door.  Could be your
neighbor or the girl that works at the A T and T store.
She's a cutie pie tho.. nice smile and thick in all
the right places.  Very nice and polite but you
just KNOW that behind closed doors this girl is a freak!
Rockii is the girl we all dream about.  Big round booty,
sexy thick legs.. brunette.. which I love, pretty with
a great smile!  She loves this fetish, she HAS this
fetish and she enjoys it as much as her fans do!
I love all my cam girls but there is just something
about that "regular girl" type that gets me every time!
There are many many reasons why a girl might rip a fart in front of you.
1.  She just does not give a fu*k!
2.  She sees you more like a "brother" type figure
3.  She has bad gas and can't control it
the list goes on and on.  but my all time favorite reason for a girl
to fart in front of me will always be.. 4.  because she knows that I like it!
That's right  Rockii is the ideal girlfriend.. you have told her many times
that her farts turn you on and THAT is the reason she is ripping them for you!
And let me tell you one last thing about this clip...  
Rotten eggs, rank poo or even DEATH.  These are just a few of
the described smells that came out of sexy Rockelle's round bottom.
Good news is she let you have a sniff too after she trapped the smell
into the glass.  You will love the way these LONG farts sounded
echoing in the glass... at least I did.  If you are also like me you
will be so bummed out that you did not get to actually smell them.
I kept pressing my head against the screen but still nothing :(
I want to start off by saying I love all the girls that work with
C World Entertainment and each girl has been my #WCW at
one time or another but sexy "Rockelle".. that's "bae" right there!
In my almost 10 years of doing this I can count on one hand how
many girls are THIS into it that I have seen.  I think farting turns
her on more than the many fans that love her videos and subscribe
to this site to see her.  She is CRAZY about this fetish and you can
just tell when you watch her videos!  Let me tell you these videos
are LOADED with HUGE, LONG, MOANING farts!  She is always
looking hot, her ass is so big and round with sexy thick legs and
the thing I love most is she is just a "regular" girl.  She is not an
adult model by any form or fashion.. just a fart fanatic like you and I.

It's about time we break out a new fad!  "Tooty Twerkin"
Twerkin' is the new craze and everybody is doing it!
But nobody is doing it like C World Entertainment because
our girls don't just shake and jiggle their big round asses..
They rip HUGE, LONG farts while doing it!  Girl.. you know
what to do with that big, phat butt!  WIGGLE WIGGLE WIGGLE!
Can you actually believe that THIS is someones actual girlfriend?!
Why can't I find girls like this?!  She is all about pleasing her man
and she has a fetish for farts!  The way they sound, the way they smell,
the way they feel coming out of her big round ass!  You want to know
what her problem biggest is?!  She CANNOT find anyone who is willing to
sniff them!  ARE YOU FREAKIN' KIDDING ME?!  You guessed it, her
man is not into sniffing her farts and her biggest dream is for one of
her fans to stick their nose into between those supple cheeks and
inhale her sexy bombs!  If her boyfriend gives me his blessing I am
going to fly her to the West Coast so both of our dreams can come
true!  Don't Cha wish your girlfriend was just like her?!?!?

This girl has arrived!  This clip is everything!
It's all about you boo boo... WORK IT!  None
of these girls can fart like you can!  Go head
and show the world what you can do, give em
2008 Brittany Moore bass, give em some of
that 2005 Jackie the Ripper bottom thunder!
This girl is one of the best farters to ever hit this niche and this
clip is LOADED with her sexy bombs.  THERE ARE OVER 70 FARTS
IN THIS VIDEO!  Shes very cute and has a big round BUBBLE BUTT
but the greatest thing about Rocki is her farting ability!  There
are so many different types of farts in this clip.  Long gusty rippers,
high pitched hissers, multi-toned TRUMPS!  If you are a true fart
lover this will be your dream clip and consequently your DREAM GIRL!
We thank Donna Trump for putting in her time as the POF but it
is time yet again for the torch to be passed.  For the first time
in C World's history an "amateur" girl gets her own site!  Rocki
is just your average girl next door and she is not doing anything
else adult related on the internet.  The hottest thing about Rocki
is that she has the fetish herself!  In fact she has a crush on Kinky
Kristi so I feel it is only right that she continue on as our POF.
Kristi until know is still one of the best ever to do this niche and
that just goes to show you how highly we think of Rocki because
she has some big shoes to fill. She's is ready!  Huge ass---CHECK
Pretty Face---CHECK  Huge farts----CHECK CHECK CHECK!!!
We all say we dream of sniffing a girls fart.. right?!
Well here is your chance.  Donna Trump, hands on her
computer chair, bending over and sticking her HUGE
ASS right in your face!  Oh... and she had collard
greens with greasy pork meat in them.  So these
farts are going to REEK.. so here ya go... don't
be scared, get your nose right up in there and SMELL IT
Una Semana

I gave Donna Trump simple instructions.  Record every
single fart for one week.  She chose Spanish Rice with
beans and lots of cheese for her fuel.  OMG these farts
were AMAZING! and guess what?.. you do not miss any
of them for one week straight.  Shot in sexy fullback panties!
DDG! The "long fart" Edition
Fast Food Hamburgers gave Ms. Trump horrible gas and LONG FARTS!
 This big round ass ripping fart after rumbley fart right in your face will
drive you CRAZY.  That is a promise.  There is a duck stuck in there
somewhere I just know it!  This is part 2 and it's another MUST SEE!
Duck... Duck... GOOSE!
This big round ass ripping fart after rumbley fart right in your face will
drive you CRAZY.  That is a promise.  There is a duck stuck in there
somewhere I just know it!  This is her best video so far... A MUST SEE!
The Tight Jean Edition
Turn off the lights and click this video to full screen.
Pretend like these LONG, DEEP HUMMERS are being
blown right on your nose!  Her plump ass looks so good
in tight jeans and the sounds of these farts are SO SEXY!
I will bet you 100 dollars you won't get 5 minutes into this
video before you have to.. well... ya know.

You say you love big asses, you say you love deep, rumbly
farts.  You have even said that you like the way they smell!
Well Deviant Darla has been eating left over hot dogs and
spicy sausages from a recent birthday party she had and
that processed meat gives her SULPHUR FARTS!  You know,
the typical "who farted?" smell?  Well, hey you said you like
it, so get on your knees and get ready to TAKE IT IN THE FACE!

"Be My Sugar Daddy"
Darla wants things.... purses, shoes dresses, pencil
skirts jewelry.. all of it.  She needs a sugar daddy
and she has eyes on you.  She is going to put on
some of her sexiest outfits and seduce you with
her EXPLOSIVE GAS!  Better hide your credit cards!


This is a 20 minute compilation of farts over a weeks
time.  Very little space between farts and all of them
done is close up, sexy poses.  These farts were so
deep, bassy and RUMBLY that it sounded like she
has a frog stuck in her booty the whole time!  BRUUUUMPH!

Your ass has to be SUPER THICK in order to get
DEEP BASSY farts when you are BUTT NAKED!
OMG!  That ass tho!!  I want to eat it!  (yeah I said it!)

These bassy rumbley farts will make your floor shake!
Doesn't matter what she is wearing.. jeans, panties
even naked!  The sound stays the same coming out
of those thick booty cheeks!  Donna Trump is
playing the "Booty Trombone"

These DEEP, RUMBLY farts will hit your face
like a Kung Fu kick.. HIYAHHHHHH!  Seriously
tho, the sound of these farts are so sexy!
Deep, rumbly and BASSY!  I think she had
the BudWizer frogs coming out of her ass!
One top of all that her ass looks to die for!

So close but yet so far!

Darla wants to fart in your face!  She puts her big round RUMP
so close to the camera that you can almost taste her delicious farts!
The angles are amazing but I must admit it is a bit frustrating.  The
clip is so very well done but yet in reality you are light years
away from having that big ol booty in your face.  It seems so
close but in actuality it is oh so very far... bummer (insert sad face)

Imagine you are sitting and chatting with your girlfriend
and every time she has to fart she stands up and puts her
GINORMOUS ass in your face to let you sniff it.  Now
imagine your gf is non other than Darla aka Donna Trump!
Her ass is so delicious in this video that it is worth the money
even without the farts.. the HUGE BASSY FARTS are just
the icing on the cake of this amazing 20 min. clip!!!

How do you like your farts served up?  In jeans or in sexy panties?
When you have a HUGE sexy ass like Darla's it really does not matter.
Her farts are SO bassy and so DEEP and that is just in the panties!
Can you imagine what that ass sounds like in skin tight jeans?!
JOIN now and you will see why we nicknamed her "Donna Trump".
This girl is the REAL DEAL!  It is not a game folks!!!
Deviant Darla our new Princess of Farts!

Here at C World we really take our sites seriously!
There has been some really incredible content on this
site so far and we wanted to make sure that the next
girl we branded "Princess of Farts" was up for the task
and most importantly worthy of that title.  Darla has
all the attributes that we look for.  Pretty face, amazing
ass and great farting ability.  Her farts are really BASSY
and deep and when we found her we just knew she was
a "keeper".  Without further ado the new POF Deviant Darla!

PRE POOP FARTS!!!! Watch Alexis rip LONG, BASSY PRE POOP FARTS right up
his nose right before she sits on the toilet and takes a big DUMP!  These farts
came out of her ass just before she drops her load!  PRE POOP FARTS AT IT'S FINEST!


Here is another compilation for those of you who love both candid farts and face farts!
She farts in sexy business slacks, tight jeans, yoga pants and lastly HIS FACE!
Another classic clip by our raining Princess of Farts!  P.S. THESE STUNK!
I never do... but there are some fart lovers that like to see candid farts instead
of face farts so we decided to cram a bunch of candid farts in here from the
very sexy Alexis Young.  Nice loud ones too!  The majority of this clip is
candid farting but of course we had to feed the face fart lovers too with
some smokin' hot face fart clips.  Those were nice and loud too! and apparently stinky!
Holy Moly!!  This MOVIE IS OVER TWENTY MINUTES LONG and it contains
some the BASSIEST, DUCKIEST sounding farts I have ever heard!  These fart
sounds will drive you CRAZY!  She tried different rooms for acoustics, she muffled
her farts in a pillow and of course she buried his face deep inside her jean cladded ass!
She tried everything she could think of to make the BASSIEST farts ever!  She ever
rewarded Skully with some special attention "down low" if you know what I mean!
This 20 MINUTE MOVIE is real simple.  She's topless, she's wearing
skin tight jeans and she is ripping LONG BASSY DUCK FARTS right
 up her boyfriends nose for 20 MINUTES STRAIGHT!  Need I say more?!
I don't know if you guys really realize how special these clips are!  This shit is REAL!
A REAL fetishist having his girlfriend fart for him and he is sharing it with the world!
REAL! ... not someone pretending to like it they REALLY LOVE IT!  REAL!.... not
just acting so that they can get your money...  these clips are REAL!!  And this is
probably their best set yet!  These farts were BIG AND BASSY!  Join now! Support whats... REAL!

Alexis Young ate a whole pan of bean dip in order to fuel herself
for this set!  Skully was the lucky recipient of course.  She teases him
with her round ass in different sexy outfits and continuosly blows BEAN FARTS
right up his nose.  He said the farts smelled like "hot garbage".  I know that smell very well
Oh and let me remind you....THIS VIDEO IS 20 MINUTES LONG!
Alexis Young doesn't fart.  She passes "passionate gas"'
She sticks her ass up in the air and farts in his face.  She
jerks him off while farting in his face.  She farts in a cup
and let's him smell it.  They make out, she strips for him
and even farts on his dick.  THIS VIDEO IS 20 MINUTES LONG!
Get out the lotion my friends cause this one here is a DOOZY!
For starters I want to announce and congradulate
Alexis Young for being crowned the next generation
Princess of Farts!  Kristi has stepped down as the official
POF so Alexis will be carrying the torch from here on out.
Next we are excited to bring you the first fart movie from
Yes I said movie because this clip is over 20 MINUTES LONG!
We want to make sure our fans get the ultimate fart fantasy so
what we used to call clips will no be known as longer fart "movies".
THIS FIRST ONE IS INCREDIBLE!  Watch Alexis and her bf, kiss
and grind and make fart love!  She is farting all over his face, cock
and body.   They make out with passion and she caters to his every
C World Entertainment is entering the next dimension of GIRL FARTS!
"Blue Monkey Dreamz"
I just had the most awesome dream!  I had a dream that I was a blue monkey and Kinky Kristi was
using my face as her personal fart cushion.  She wore a sexy tight blue dress and her
ass looked amazing!  Plus, all the farts were deep and bassy and smelled of Sulfur(then sadly I woke up)
"Panty Palooza!"
This is the PERFECT panty clip!  Her ass looks so hot
in the different pairs of panties she wears and the farts
sound so SEXY!  Although she is wearing panties the
farts still sound pretty bassy!  This clip will drive you WILD!
"How to make bass!"
Nobody knows what the fans like more than the Princess of Farts!
We like that BASS!  So she decided she would fart on various
objects and surfaces in order to get that perfect BASS sound to her farts!
I asked KK what do her farts usually smell like and she described them as "the typical fart smell"
aka eggs.  KK is just a girl next door from Texas who eats all the foods we all grew up on.
Meat and potatoes for dinner, Eggs and bacon for breakfast and she snacks on hot dogs
and Mexican food.  No tofu or wheat grass for her.  This is what I love about her.  When you
bury your face in that ass you know exactly what you are getting... PURE SULPHUR.  Now
watch this clip because she wants to blow those eggy farts right in your face!  COME AND GET IT!
Well, well... looks like you left your breakfest unattended yet again and look at the mess
you have made in Kristi's living room.  Maybe you did not get the memo but she does
not like people eating in her living room.  She has a great "equalizer" though...  She needs
to take a dump so she decides that she is just going to let out her PRE POOP FARTS
all over your breakfast.  I hope you enjoy your "tooty pebblez".
No seriously I want to know.. How much would you pay to trade places with the monkey?
How much would you pay to have your face buried in that big, soft, fabric cladded ass?
Having her rip fart after fart after deep bassy fart right up your nose after pigging out
on hotdogs and chili?  That's right hotdogs and chili are perfect for that "sulphur"
fart smell aka rotten eggs?  Me personally.... I'd drop a G on it.. no really I would.. what about you?
"Don't mess with a C World Girl!"
Kristi has told everyone in her family not to eat in her living room but yet people keep doing it.
The kitchen table is 3 feet away yet people still insist on ignoring her wishes.  Ok, well when
your tuna fish sandwich suddenly tastes like ass don't be surprised.  Don't mess with a C World Girl!
"Blue Monkey Dreamz"
I just had the most awesome dream!  I had a dream that I was a blue monkey and Kinky Kristi was
using my face as her personal fart cushion.  She farted in my face from many angles and her
ass looked amazing!  Plus, all the farts were huge and they all smelled like ROTTEN EGGS(then sadly I woke up)
"Still a Lady"
She has been doing videos for
us for almost 6 years.  She is
most definitely the Princess of
farts.. she is also a GOAT!  Most
importantly... she is still a lady!
Enjoy these sexy "ladylike" farts!
Wouldn't you just love to bury your
face into that round, poka dotted
ass?!  Look at it!  It's just begging
for you to come and plant your face
right between those cheeks!  Not
to mention the farts are HUGE in
this clip!  MMm. mmmm. good!
"More fun with fabric"
I just love the way this material clings to her skin!
It hugs her ass so nicely and is very soft for your
face when you want to bury it into her ass after
she farts for you.  Last but now least the fabric
holds in the smell of her thick sulphur farts so
you can get an extra long whiff!  Mmmmmmmm.
"Kristi, Kristi Kristi can't you see, somehow
your farts just hypnotise me and I just love
your stinky ways please that ass in my face"
Kristi dances, gyrates and rocks you to sleep
with her big, round, PERFECT farting ass!
"This is only a test"
Get ready all this is a test of your fortitude!
It is real simple.. press play on this video and
see how long you can go without masturbating.
This is one of the HOTTEST fart videos I have
ever seen!  Needless to say I didn't get very far
in this test.  I guess "fabric farts" must be my
favorite.  How long do you think you can go?
"Monkey Business"
Kristi is giving the monkey the "business" by ripping
huge, quacking duck farts in his poor little face.  She
could not find a fart sniffer worthy of her big round ass
in Texas so she had to let out her "taco farts" on her
favorite stuffed animal.  I sooo wish it was my face in there!!
"Farting in tight jeans 101"
Farting in jeans is about as classic as fart clips get.
Who better to take us to "school" than the legendary
Princess of Farts!  Round booty, tight jeans, HUGE
farts and BASS!  Get ready for your lesson boys and girls!
"Kinky Kristi's Kissing Booth"
I just want to warn you... this is not your mothers kissing booth!
This is a kissing booth "c world style".  Step right up and kiss
on her ass while she blows HUGE farts right up your nose! Actually
I might try that one day.. how much would you guys pay?  Could you imagine?!
That line would be a mile long... "Ok fellas whose next?!"
"Look up in the sky it's a bird its a plane!"
It's the GOAT!  How would you like that big round ass
hovering over you and blowing "quacking duck farts"
right into your nose!  That's right guys the POF is back
to claim her throne and as you well know NOBODY
makes videos like her!  This clip is a MUST SEE!
Her body is amazing!  So thick in all the right places!
"Fabric Farts"
I just love it when girls fart in sexy fabric!
I love it mostly because the fabric holds
in the "smell" of her lovely frangrance
so the "smeller" can enjoy it much longer!
Don't forget the "smeller" is the "feller".
For her loyal fans Kristi wanted to do a clip
just days before giving birth.  She was on "hiatus"
for a while and was not going to return until she
gave birth but some fans were begging for a
"preggarz" clip.... so here you go guys!
There is nothing Super Special about this clip.
Alexis is just laying on her bed, on her stomach
ripping farts back to back in different outfits.
The one thing I did notice is the sound of the farts.
They were deep, bassy duck sounding farts.  Sounded
like she had Daffy or Donald trapped in her pants screaming
for freedom.  She said they smelled like "rotten veggies"
So here it is.. simple but still very hot listen her "Daffy Butt".
"What in the World did you Eat?!"
Mr. X is so lucky to have a hot girlfriend
that is willing to participate in his fetish
with him.  He loves her farts!  There
are occasions where the farts are so
out of control that they both are left
to ponder "what in the hell did you eat?!"
"Black Beans and Black Spandex"
Alexis' favorite fart fuel is Mexican food.  For this
set of clips she loaded up on black beans.  Some of
these farts were very impressive.  You will love the
sound of them and most importantly you will love
how hot her ass looks in the tight spandex!
Mr. X told me that these face farts almost KILLED him!
Even Alexis Young kept commenting on how bad they
smelled!  She is not sure why they stink so bad but she
thinks it could be the Indian food.  I have had my own
experiences with Indian Food Face Farts and let me tell
you, THAT'LL DO IT!  Don't pass out Mr. X!  We are rootin' 4 U!
"Mr. X" The Worlds Luckiest Man!
wish I was this man!  His 18 year old gf shakes and
moves her ass around in a teasing manner just before
she releases LONG BOMBS in his face!  She is so pretty
and tall and has such a nice body!  You can really tell
that she is really into this fetish and into serving her man!
"big, long and wet"
Some of these farts were done candid style.  Some of these farts
were done fetishy style there were even a couple face farts thrown
in for good measure.  The most consistent thing happening in this
set, the common denominator is that all the farts were BIG, LONG and WET!
Oh and according to Alexis the smell was VERY VERY BAD too!  While
facefarting him she was wondering "how can he stand that awful smell".

"Snuff me, Tease me"
That naughty little devil!  Watch the way she teases
him with her sexy round ass and her huge duck farts!
I love the way she moves her ass around in a circle just
before she rips HUGE farts right up his nose!  You can
hear these bassy farts reverberating off of his face!
Alexis loves to tease and snuff him out with her sexy bombs!
This video is very "fetishy" and that is just the way I like it!
"COME AND GET IT" (a second helping)
These farts smelled so bad that even Alexis could barely stand
the smell of them so you can imagine how dude must have felt.
Alexis practices a mainly VEGETARIAN diet so her farts are
always POWERFUL and PUNGENT!  Once again she does all the
sexy poses and delivers HUGE farts.  Congratz to the POF in training!
Kinky Kristi has big shoes that would be hard for anyone to fill but
Alexis Young does bring something very special to the party.
A FACE FART PARTNER!  Imagine if your girlfriend was HOT
and only 18 with sexy curves and a HUGE ROUND BOOTY!
Imagine if she loved farting for you and served up your
farts on a sexy silver platter.... "COME AND GET IT!"
This is one of the best face fart videos I have ever seen!
The guy recieving them... not just some schlubb who
agreed to be on cam for 20 bucks...  he is a bonafide
fetishist so it's all the real deal!  Some guys have all the luck!
"Princess in training rocks some panty farts for us!"
If there is any shot at one day becoming the Princess of Farts
Alexis must master the art of farting in sexy panties.  Round ass...
check.  Sexy poses.... check.  HUGE SEXY FARTS..... check!
As you can see in this clip 18 year old Alexis Young is ready for the big time!
"Princess in training farts in tight jeans!"
Farting in tight jeans is like girl fart 101 and nobody
has revolutionized the jean fart like Kinky Kristi.  If
Alexis Young can ever be good enough to wear the crown
then she definitely has to learn the "art of the jean fart"
Posing and angles are very important and of course
the BIGGER the fart the better!  I think Alexis will be
good in this area.. she even does some face farting in her jeans!
"Princess in training"
Kinky Kristi will not be able to fart on camera forever.
She must have a successor at some point.. right?!
Well we seem to think that Alexis Young would make
a great "Princess of Farts"!  She is young like Kristi,
Kinky like Kristi and she definitely has a nice round
booty like Kristi.  She has all the tools to hold the crown
next.  Kristi is UBER PREGNANT right now so this is the
perfect time to see if Alexis Young can bring the goods!
While KK is preparing to give birth we thought we
would give Alexis a shot at infamy!  Can she pull it off?!
See that plushie toy right there?
That's you!  Kinky Kristi has shrunken
you down and turned you into a stuffed
animal for not treating her like the "Princess"
that she is.  Every time she has to fart she stuffs
you into her panties and let's them RIP!  A chicken
sandwich from Mickey D's and corndogs were the
magic potion for her explosive gas!  You are one
lucky doggie!  Those butt cheeks that you happen
to be lodged in between belong to ROYALTY!
(this clip was originally posted on
March 2nd 2012
"ready...aim... FIRE!!"
Assume the position soldier!
Get on your knees behind her ass!
ok Kristi, do what you came here for..
ready...aim... FIRE! The completely
NUDE version of this famous clip!
(this clip was originally posted on
February 24th 2012
"Pregnant but still Pleasing"
Although Kristi is "with child" her fart clips
are equally as pleasing to watch as before.
With the exception of her belly all the other
weight she gains goes right to her ass!
Which is always a plus!  Now add in the
fact that her farts get bigger and they
sound more deep and bassy and you
will understand how she is very pregnant
but still very pleasing to the eyes and ears!
February 17th 2012
"I don't care if your pregnant, I still want to sniff that rump!"
Kristi thinks because she is pregnant that
I would no longer be turned on by her.  I
am an ass man and the pregnancy is just
making her ass BIGGER and ROUNDER
every single week!  So just like before
whenever she farts I make her come over
to me, pull her pants down and she let's
me bury my face in that plump rump
and sniff up her strong, SULPHUR farts!
February 11th 2012
"Ewwww. right up your nose!"
Imagine you are eye level with the
Princess' ass and your nose is
right by her sexy ass hole as
she is ripping fart after fart
right up your nose.  Yes I to
dream of this scenerio.  You wanna
see a video about it, here it go!
-February 5th 2012-
"Oopsies, I made a poopsie"
We all know what a shart is
right?!  You think you are
just letting out a little gas
but then you get more than
what you bargained for!  Yes
it happens to all of us!  Even
hot girls with great asses
have to deal with soiling
their undergarments from
time to time!  Let's cut the
POF a little slack.. hey at
least she looks hella HOT
while cleaning herself up
and changing clothes.
(this clip originally appeared on
January 20th 2012
"Green Giant"
Watch the POF rip sexy, bassy
farts in these tight, green striped
pants!  She does some really hot
angles in this video and as you
might guess her ass looks great
in every scene!  Question for ya..
how much would you pay to
sniff the "green giant"?
January 12th 2012
"ready...aim... FIRE!!"
"Assume the position soldier!
Get on your knees behind my ass!"
"Get ready to have your nose hairs
burned like never before! here it comes..
ready...aim... FIRE!"  Already a classic
scenario.. when it comes to fart videos
it does not get any better than this!
"Something in the water up there"
I have no idea what is happening to Kristi's ass
but it is getting bigger every week!  Bigger,
rounder, fuller.. as if her ass was not already
perfect.  Her ass is looking so good she is
like a "baby Stormy" right now!  She is shaking
her ass in your face, farting and asking you
to "smell her butt".  I would love to "smell her butt"
I wonder why she did not ask me?!

Enjoy your Princess of farts in stunning High Definition!
SERIOUSLY?!  I mean look at that ass!!!
I had Kristi do an entire set in those baggy
Gold is right because the POF is definitely the
"gold standard" when it comes to girl fart clips!
Her ass looks so plump in this clip and her
BIG, BASSY farts will drive you insane!  If you
are an ass lover and a fart lover then no joke...
this clip could send you on a killing spree!
put the knives away and hide your guns
before you watch this clip.

Enjoy your Princess of farts in stunning High Definition!
"Kristi Stars in the "chair" in HD!"
The legendary Tina P was the first to do a "chair"
video.  Here we are several years later and the
POF is here to do her 2nd version of this iconic
series.  Watch Kristi plop her round plump ass
on the hard "chair" and rip long, BASSY farts
over and over again!  HOLY MOLY this is a hot
clip!  Her ass looks HUGE and the farts sound
so damned sexy!  DON'T MISS THIS!

Enjoy your Princess of farts in stunning High Definition!
December 2nd 2011
"Itchin' for a Scratch!"
Let's not sugar coat it... sometimes
your ass itches!  Have you ever
had such an "itchy ass" that you
wanted to just fart LOUDLY so you
can scratch your ass from the inside?!
Ok, well it happens to hot chicks to ya
know!  Please enjoy this DIRTY, hot clip!

Enjoy your Princess of farts in stunning High Definition!
November 25th 2011
This is "hot pants" part two and just
like the first one it will leave you
"drained".  If this is not the HOTTEST
fart video that you have ever seen
in your whole life then KILL YO SELF!

Enjoy your Princess of farts in stunning High Definition!
November 18th 2011
Watch her pull these different
types of pants DEEP into her
ass and fart in them.  The material
hugs her plump round ass so
tightly!  If you are an ass-lover
like me it will drive you INSANE!
The farts sound so deep and
bassy in this clip.. this is HOT!

Enjoy your Princess of farts in stunning High Definition!
November 12th 2011
"Lindzey BLO-han"
This is a simple idea but as always
with KK it is still going to be amazing!
I just told her to record every fart she
had for 48 HOURS straight.  I told her
I wanted to see how many farts she
would rip in 48 hours and I also
told her to bury her ass into
the mattress so the farts would
be bassy and muffled.  Well she
did it and the clip turned out
SO HOT!  Not to mention she,
more than ever looks exactly
like Lindzey Loehann in this
clip!  Now just imagine that!
November 3rd 2011
"Taste the Rainbow"
Imagine KK is your girlfriend.
She knows you got the "fart fever"
so every time she has to rip one
she lets you smell it.  My dream
and I am sure yours too.. right?!
Well in this POV clip there is no way
you can get any more realistic to
this scenario happening!  Watch
her rip DEEP, BASSY farts and
then she politely brings her ass
over to you and sticks it on your
nose!  This clip is so REAL that
you can almost taste her sexy
farts!  Not to mention it is all
Lawwwd Ha Mercy!  *faints*
October 28th 2011
"When a womans fed up"
When a woman is fed up... there ain't
nothing you can do about it.  Not only
that, they may fart all over your lunch!
Kristi's boy friend was really rude to
her over the phone.  He demanded that
his lunch be ready when he got home
so she decided to make him a "special"
lunch.  With her huge round ass hovering
over the plate she farted on every single
ingredient for her boyfriends special lunch.
He better not be rude to her again, what
might she do the next time?!  Ok, Question..
Would you eat it?  Don't answer that....

Enjoy your Princess of farts in stunning High Definition!
October 18th 2011
"yeah...just like that"
Looky there.. I nice round ass
served to you on a silver platter!
Just like I like it.  How would you
like to nibble on Kristi's bubble
butt?  I know I would!  The farts in this
video are HUGE with great "tonage"
yes "tonage" is a girl fart term and
I have it trade marked... "don't be hatin'"

Enjoy your Princess of farts in stunning High Definition!
October 15th 2011
When The Princess of Farts has too much
dairy she gets "ass burners".  We all
know what those are.  The kind of farts
that are super hot coming out of your ass
and you just KNOW that they are going to
stink really bad!  Well in this clip not only
do you get to see her great ass, and hear
her great farts but she actually sticks her
apple bottom close to your face so you
can smell it too!  (in a 'you wish' sort of way)

Enjoy your Princess of farts in stunning High Definition!
October 8th 2011
"ready...aim... FIRE!!"
Assume the position soldier!
Get on your knees behind her ass!
ok Kristi, do what you came here for..
ready...aim... FIRE!  All b.s. aside this
video right here will make you wanna...
KILL YO SELF!!!!!!!!!
"Pants on the ground edition"
Seems that whatever Kristi ate last week is still
giving her insides a run for their money!  She
is still stinking up the house with her AWFUL
SMELLING FARTS!  Her stomach has been so
upset for the last couple of days that she could
not wear anything tight on her stomach so she
had to literally put her "pants on the ground" for
a few days.  Man, look at those thick, toned
sexy legs!  She may be sitting "ladylike" style
but get a whiff of her gas and you will realize
she is no "lady" smelling like that!  
(ps.. the dog is ok, unconscience but ok)

Enjoy your Princess of farts in stunning High Definition!
"Rotten Brocculi mixed with dog poo"
Kristi can out fart any guy and that is a proven fact.
However occasionally she even surprises herself
with how HORRIBLE her own farts smell!  She is
not sure what she ate but she has AWFUL SMELLING
gas!  I asked her to try to describe the smell and she
described it as "rotten brocculi and dog poop"  As
you will see in the videos she could not stand the
smell of her own farts!  Wouldn't you like to have
been there to offer an extra nose to help sniff them up for her?!

Enjoy your Princess of farts in stunning High Definition!
"The Greatest Fart Model of them all"
Imagine if every time your girl farted she would walk over, unbutton
her pants and let you sniff her fat round ass!  This is a fart fantasy
that many fart lovers have so I had the POF do a video like that.
This video is SO UNBELIEVABLE that it will show once and for
all why she is the....  "top dog" "head honcho" "boss"
"el capitain" "head BINC" "El Presidente" "leader" "ruler"
"big cheese" "champ" "one and only" "big boss lady"
and none other than the GREATEST OF ALL TIME!!
"I am behind the POF 100%"
If Kristi was my girl I would be right there
behind her, every where she went.  As
a matter of fact she would get tired of my
face being next to her ass all the time!
Next to her perfect ass, waiting patiently
for my treat.  After every huge fart I would
sniff it away for her so she would not be
bothered by her own NOXIOUS FUMES!
Yes KK... I am behind you all the way!

Enjoy your Princess of farts in stunning High Definition!
I am not going to waste your time with
a long drawn out description.. but what
I will say.. is this shit right here is f**king CRAZY!

Enjoy your Princess of farts in stunning High Definition!
"Kristi takes on the "chair" in HD!"
The legendary Tina P was the first to do a "chair"
video.  Here we are several years later and the
POF is here to do another version of this iconic
series.  Watch Kristi plop her round plump ass
on the hard "chair" and rip long, drawn out farts
over and over again! HOLY MOLY this is a hot
clip!  Her ass looks stunning and the farts sound
so damned sexy!  A MUST SEE!

Enjoy your Princess of farts in stunning High Definition!
"Morning farts in HD!"
Just like everyone else on the planet Kinky
Kristi has her best farts when she first
wakes up in the morning.  She decided to
tape a whole weeks worth of morning farts
for us and the clip turned out GREAT!  She
looks so sexy, the farts are HUGE and the
sounds vary from bassy to multi-toned
to high pitched!  Actually just about every
fart sound you can think of can be found
in this clip.. aww she looks so cute too!

Enjoy your Princess of farts in stunning High Definition!
"A princess, farting"
Although Kristi farts like a Big, Burly Truck
Driver let us not forget that she is afterall
a lady.  She likes to get all "dolled up" hair
done and make up.  She likes to put on cute
girly dresses and show off her sexy legs too.
Watch her sit there on her wooden chair, with
legs crossed lookng like the Princess that she
is and of course farting like a Big Burly Truck Driver!

Enjoy your Princess of farts in stunning High Definition!
"The jean fart, full-back Finale!"
All of her farts for a whole month!  Yes we did it and this is the jean fart
full back pantie finale!  Sexy sounding farts with a variety of sexy sounds!
We made a bet with the POF that she could not record EVERY SINGLE
fart she ripped for an entire month.  We had to eat crow because she
actually did it!  Every single fart!  Mid morning, middle of the night
it did not matter!  She recorded every single fart that came out of
her perfect round ass for 30 days straight and YOU as a member
of the Princess of farts website get to hear ALL of them!  Let's go!
Her ass looks so round in this clip!  Lots and lots of sexy rips from
her perfect ass directly IN YOUR FACE!  You can almost smell each fart!
We made a bet with the POF that she could not record EVERY SINGLE
fart she ripped for an entire month.  We had to eat crow because she
actually did it!  Every single fart!  Mid morning, middle of the night
it did not matter!  She recorded every single fart that came out of
her perfect round ass for 30 days straight and YOU as a member
of the Princess of farts website get to hear ALL of them!  Let's go!
Nice rippers in this set!  She is so sexy only the POF can make a simple
concept like this so HOT!  I love the way she says "smell it" drives me wild!
We made a bet with the POF that she could not record EVERY SINGLE
fart she ripped for an entire month.  We had to eat crow because she
actually did it!  Every single fart!  Mid morning, middle of the night
it did not matter!  She recorded every single fart that came out of
her perfect round ass for 30 days straight and YOU as a member
of the Princess of farts website get to hear ALL of them!  Let's go!
We made a bet with the POF that she could not record EVERY SINGLE
fart she ripped for an entire month.  We had to eat crow because she
actually did it!  Every single fart!  Mid morning, middle of the night
it did not matter!  She recorded every single fart that came out of
her perfect round ass for 30 days straight and YOU as a member
of the Princess of farts website get to hear ALL of them!  Let's go!
"BASS in your FACE!"
Sometimes simplicity can be the key to
a great fart clip.  In this clip Kristi is
ripping HUGE bassy farts right into
your face!  Over and over again, in
different outfits!  Jeans, panties,
spandex, dresses and more!
This clip is LOADED with farts!  As
a matter of fact 9 MINUTES OF NONSTOP
FARTING!  Right into your face you lucky
bastard!  Just enlarge the clip to "full screen"
and have yourself a good ol time!
" Another Editors Pick"
Kristi demonstrates on soft surfaces
exactly how she would fart on you
if you were there with her.  She also
smells the surface after each HUGE,
BASSY fart and tells you how it smells!
She looks so hot in this vid!  Sexy round
boobies, curvy round rump, and most
importantly long, bassy trump sounding
farts!  This my friends is another EP!
"Editors Pick"
Now THIS is why we make fart videos!
This is my all time favorite type of fart clip!
Kristi rips HUGE bassy farts onto soft fabric
then she smells it soon after to tell us what
it smells like.  The farts sound so deep and
muffled and you just KNOW that they must have
STUNK!  She does not let them go to waste
either!  She sniffs them up for us and gives us
the "low down" on the exact aroma!  I love this
type of clip that is why it is the "editors pick"
"Peeping Tom"
Imagine you are spying on the hot
brunette from across the hall.  The
one with the hot face and hot body!
She has no idea you are watching
her.  You will notice one thing as
she goes about her daily activities.
She is GASSY!  This girl farts constantly
all day long!  You will watch her fart many
times in many different scenerios.  She
would be so embarrassed if she knew
you heard her farting! (not really but play along)
"Saving all my farts for you!"
Kristi, knows you are crazy about her farting
talents and that you don't want to miss out
on any of her precious poots so while you
are away she farts on all of your things so
you will get to enjoy her farts when you
arrive home!  She farts on your food, in your
drinks, on your towels, on your bed etc.
When you get home everything you touch
will smell like farts!  Ya know why?! Cause
she's "saving all her farts for u"
"Smell it"
"Smell it"... no two words are music
to a fetishist's ears like those two!
Imagine you are hangin out with
this super cute super curvy brunette
and she rips farts constantly.. and
after each one she pokes that PERFECT
round ass right into your face and utters
those two words again.... "smell it"
Imagine if every time your girl farted
she would bring her sexy round ass
over to your face and let you sniff!
Imagine if every time you asked your
girl, "hey baby, can I smell that fart
you just ripped?" her reply would be
"yes you can".  Ahhh... if only life
were this simple in reality.. I guess
that is why we have the internet.
No, not the D-bag with the bad hair.. we're
talking short bassy stinky farts!  There
are a lot of farts in this clip with very
little lag time!  I love the way her ass
looks and I really love the way these
farts sound.   Very deep and sexy.
I love the POF and her farts so much
that I don't want her to waste any
of them!  Join this site and you will
hear just about every fart that she
rips for the rest of her life!
In the UK some people call farts
"trumps".  When I think of trumps
I think of thick, bassy farts!  That
is what these farts sounded like
to me!  That is why I called this
update.. "trumps"  This clip is
basically a bunch of trumps
back to back with little or no
wait time between.. ENJOY!

This clip is so INSANELY HOT and it is in HD
to make matters even worse!  Yes it is
bad!  You will be so depressed watching
this!  Her ass is so ROUND and so CLOSE
to the camera and the quality is so crystal
CLEAR that you will likely be frustrated!
So realistic that you will feel that the POF
is right there with you farting in your
face and letting you worship her ass!
She starts off "ladylike" style being so
cute and innocent and lady like!  Then
suddenly she gets "naughty" when
she comes over and sticks that "thing"
in your face.. and by "thing" I mean
the worlds most PERFECT ASS!
If you are not prepared for this
you could become suicidal..
you have been warned!
"Just Lay there and fart"
When you are smoking hot like Kinky Kristi
you really don't have to do a lot to make a
great fart video.  The POF was feeling a bit
under the weather this week so we gave
her a simple request... just lay there and fart!
When your ass is perfect and your boobies
are perfect and you happen to be cute and
young then you can get away with just
laying around in a candid setting and
farting your ass off!  In that regard
nobody does it better than the POF!
"Looong Cool and Candid"
These scenes are of Kristi lounging
around the house in a candid setting.
Watching TV, relaxing reading whatever,
these clips are shot "voyeur" style.  She is
sexy as always and body of course is on
point but the main thing that sticks out to
me in this set is that some of the farts were
very LONG!  It took a lot of effort to push
some of those bad boys out!  You can tell
by her reactions and the smell must have
been very bad too!  Another classic by the POF!
Kristi tells me that some of her BEST farts happen in
the morning time aka morning farts.  She set up her
cam in the bathroom because she wanted to catch
ALL of her best morning farts over the span of
several days!  Be a "fly on the wall" as she does
her morning routine and listen to HUGE, LONG
farts coming out of her perfectly round ass!  I love
the angle she shot the clips with... booty booty
booty booty rocking all over your video screen!
As a bonus these clips are shot in HIGH DEFINITION!
The clips are so crystal clear it is the next best thing
to being there!  Eventually this whole site is going to
switch over to HD so here is just a taste of what it will be like!
"The POF marks her territory!"
Sometimes the "bf" gets tired of hearing
Kristi farting her ass off all the time.  He
actually complains that he wishes she
would stop farting so much.  She explained
to him that she is the POF and that farting is
just "what she does" and he just better get
used to it.  Well he ran off to work but she
was not sure that he got the "gist" of what
she was saying so she decided to mark
her territory!  She basically farted on all of
his things, all of his food, all of his clothing
all of his drinks... EVERYTHING!  When he
comes home from work he will know most
 definitely that she is the Princess of the
house and farts reign supreme over
everything else!  He will never be able
get the smell of her farts out of is nostrils!
She is the Princess of farts and don't ever forget that!
Don't just sit there in your computer
chair!..... Smell My Butt!  It's really that simple.
"This is why I am a G.O.A.T."
We don't take calling a model a GOAT
lightly around here.  There are only
a handful of models that fit into this
unique class.  Pure hotness, the
ability to fart HUGE!  Versatility
and variety are other important
factors.  Kristi just has a very
high standard for her content.
She never takes a day off or
slacks off in the fart model dept.
Body is amazing, sexy "bedroom"
eyes and ridiculously BIG farts!
Anyone who would ever doubt
that she is one of the icons
of this fetish needs to see this
clip right here!  Join POF today!
and you will understand why she is a GOAT
Imagine this round ass farting nonstop into
your face, fart after fart after sulphur smelling fart!
All you have to do is sit there and sniff it up!  The
POF will change outfits, strip down to her panties
and eventually get completely naked and just
stand there and fart right up your nostrils!
IMAGINE THAT!  Well you don't have to
imagine it, you can experience it right now
by joining and
witness this incredible clip!
"Hangin' wit sis!"
All the family is hanging together
during this Holiday season.  Mom
is in the kitchen cookin' Christmas
dinner and sisters are in the other
room farting their asses off!  It is
another episode of Kylie behind
the cam and Kristi is the star!
Kristi farts and Kylie sniffs! Kylie
also gives great commentary
from behind the camera.  
Merry Christmas from the
Kinky fart sisters!
Sometimes we like to go back to basics.
and TIGHT JEANS!  Concepts that simple
are what this fetish is all about!  Kristi's
booty seems to "pop" when wearing
tight jeans.  They fit her just right!
Her ass looks amazing in them
and her farts sound SO SEXY in
them!  Deep and bassy!  Just like
we like them!  Join POF today!
It's the return of the Fart Towel!
The "fart towel" one of my best ideas ever!  Kristi
took a towel and ripped HUGE STINKY farts on it
for 3 days straight then sent it to a lucky fan!
She looks PHENOMENAL and the farts sound
deep and bassy when ripped on her lucky
fart towel.  If you are the type of person
like me that loves the "muffled" fart sound
and if you also want to see one of the hottest
fart girls ever then join now to see the return
of Kinky Kristi's fart towel!  By the looks on
her face some of these farts really STUNK!
The Kinky Fart Sisters are back!
Here is another great clip of Kinky Kristi and
Kinky Kylie hanging out and doing what sisters
do, farting loudly and laughing there asses off!
A candid classic that features Kylie as the
"camera man" and Kristi as the star!  Lots
of loud rips and great reactions from Kylie.
Join POF today to see this awesome candid gem!
5 words that will always bring a smile to any fart
lovers face.  The POF turns in another classic
here by focusing the camera on her FLAWLESS
ass and farting right in your(the viewers) face!
Having an ass like that very close to your face
is an honor and priviledge, it is also a long shot
to happen for most of us but this clip is the
next best thing to being there!  Sniff up boys!
5 Minutes of Funk!
The Princess of farts starring in our latest
creation.  A 5 minute compilation of NONSTOP FARTS!
5 minutes of funk is what we like to call it.  LOTS of farts
LOTS of outfit changes VERY LITTLE lag time between them!
These clips are good for when you like to "spank your monkey"
because it is fart after fart after sexy fart!  Join POF Today!
Ladies and Gents feast your eyes on girl fart
PERFECTION!  Kinky Kristi is taking being named one
of the GOATS very seriously!  She pulled out
her sexiest lingerie and when she was done
EXPLOSIVELY FARTING in that she went
straight commando!  So sexy, so curvy yet toned,
such big farts for a smaller chick!  This my
friends is simply PERFECTION!!
"G.O.A.T." (greatest of all time)
I think it is time we made it official!  Kinky Kristi
without a doubt is one of the greatest fart girls
of all time!  There are too many talented models
to name one girl "the GOAT" so I feel that this
should be considered the highest ranking level
for girl fart fame!  Our short list...  Jack Da Ripper,
Peteuse, Lizzy the QOF and now Kinky Kristi!
Only one of the greats could lay out in public
like this, farting her ass off and not get arrested.
Only one of the greats could make a simple
public fart scene one of the great clips you
will ever see.  The POF is going to make
history from this point forward!  She is
vowing to put out the BEST EVER fart
clips from this point on!  Get your
POF membership in order today!!
"Girls just want to have fun!"
Kristi is hanging out with her sister Kylie and they
are having a "good ol time" ripping farts!  Kristi
really rips some MONSTERS in this clip and Kylie
is behind the camera describing all the action!  She
follows Kristi around for a few days and records
all of her HUGE farts!  Just two hot chicks having
fun with flatulence.  Join POF today, you GOTTA SEE THIS!
"Princess Morning Fart at your service"
If you can't tell by now, morning farts never get old
with us!  Here is another example of how much
better it is to fart in the A.M.  Princess Kristi rips
some nice long BASSY ones in this clip and of course
she looks real good doing it!  Join Now to hear her morning musical!
Here is yet another thing we are introducing!
5 minutes of funk!  These videos are shot as a
compilation.  There is no wait time, no dead time
just non-stop farting!  Every time she has
to fart she runs to the camera over the span
of a few weeks!  Many many farts!  Many
many different outfits!  Really loud, really long
bassy, high pitched, multi-toned, every type of
fart you can think of.  Lots and lots of farts
loaded in this bad boy.  Fart lovers.. Join
Now to get your Five Minutes started!
I GOT GAS LIKE A M***** F*****"
Kristi started off the Labor Day celebration early by cooking
up some brautwurst, hot dogs and other meats.  She always
knows that these foods give her SUPREME GAS so she trys
to eat them only during Holidays.  This week though, she
has the worst gas she has ever had in her life!  She is farting
constantly and cannot even leave the house!  She can't even
talk on the phone and has to leave her company every 5 minutes
because she has to go in the other room and fart!  To put it
plain and simple... SHE GOT GAS LIKE MO FO!!
"Why I fart"
Kristi is always asked by her fans, "how are you able
to rip such huge farts for such a small girl?".  So in
this clip she sets the record straight.  She talks about
her diet, what she eats and when she is the most gassy.
Of course she is ripping MONSTER farts the whole time!
This girl is definitely the TRUTH when it comes to girl farts!
Join now!  Learn the never before told secrets of the POF!
"You are the best ass worshipper ever!"
This is a smoking HOT POV video where you are imagining
that you are kissing and sniffing Kristi's sexy round bottom.
You bury your face in there, kiss and caress her ass cheeks
with your nose and lips and she rewards you by ripping
HUGE farts right up your nose!  Just imagine... the
ass is so round and the farts stink SO GOOD!  Turn
off all the lights, adjust this clip to FULL SCREEN
and have the time of your life!  I know I did!
"Jacuzzi Jets"
Watch the very hot Kinky Kristi make her very own
"self powered" jacuzzi tub.  This is a very sensous
and sexy clip because her body looks so hot in this
one and man.. some of these farts are LONG!
Sitting in that bath would be like sitting in a
"high end" jacuzzi with the most powerful
jets on the market!  She has put the "bubble"
in bubblebath!  Very hot, very sexy and very STINKY!
I wish I was there to wash her back for her.
"Candid Kristi"
This is the kind of Kristi clip you do not see very often.
She is completely candid in this one!  Having herself some
lunch, sipping on her soda, watching tv and farting away!
She has no respect for that poor couch!  With the bubbly
farts she was rippin' I know she had to leave some
skid marks behind.  Totally voyeuristic, this is a Kristi
clip that you will not want to miss!
"A little more convincing"
Well my trip to Texas got delayed so Kristi sent me
another video showing in great detail, what she was
going to do to me when I got there!  How she was
going to fart in my face, what poses she was going
to do, what foods she was going to eat to produce
the RAUCHIEST farts.  When you see this video you
will understand why I am on the phone with my
travel agent AS WE SPEAK!
My gf likes to talk.. A LOT!  She sits and tells me about her day.
She tells me about the latest drama with her sister, why she
is still pissed at her mom, how hot it was today, what she
wants for dinner, what she had for lunch... BLAH BLAH
TO THE BLAH BLAH BLAH!  I sit there and listen like
 a good boyfriend and in return she farts in my face
every time she feels one "brewin".  So in the end
I guess it is worth listening to her ramble on forever
about things I don't care about.
She knows I have this weird thing about getting turned on whenever she farts.
She is realy cool about it though!  Every time she farts she invites me over
to bury my face in her ass and take a big whiff!  She thinks it's kinda "weird"
but being the good GF that she is she still indulges me in my kinky fetishes!
BRRAAAPPPT!  OH, oh.. gotta go she just ripped one!  Sounded like it really stunk!
Ok so it is not really 2 hours but it is like 15 minutes long!
Poor Kristi was in a BEAN COMA by the time this video
was shot.  This was the 6th and 7th day and as you
can tell by the look on her face her poor tummy was FULL
of stinky BEANY gas!  Join Now to see her let out these
long, MUSTY gusts of wind out of her sexy round ass!
Kristi wants you to worship her ass!  Thats right,
kiss it, caress it, grab it and most importantly SNIFF IT!
After each LONG, LOUD fart your nose better be there
waiting!  She tells you what to do and when to do it!
If only shit like this could happen in real life... meh
This is part 2 of Kristi's seven day bean experiment!
It starts off on day 3 and you can tell by the look on
her face that the gas is really starting to kick in!
While letting out these LONG, DRAWN OUT farts
Kristi still manage to look cute and wear her cutest
pair of jeans to fart in.  This girl is a real TROOPER!
I'd eat that ass!  I mean really.  It is very rare that you look
at a girls naked ass and say to yourself, "I would eat that ass"
but yeah... I'd eat that ass!  Anyways.. had to get that outta
the way.  Kristi is doing some sexy NAKED farting for us!
She spreads her cheeks, she farts on a teddy bear and
 she puts that SUPER ROUND ass on display in all of
it's lovely glory.  Guys, THIS IS HOT!
This is an awesome "compilation" style video of Kristi's best farts!
She has been gassy all week and she did not want you to "miss a thang"
This video is loaded with farts back to back to back!  No dead space.
Just sexy Kristi getting all of her farts on tape so her fans can say that
they got to hear ALL of her farts this week!  Your gonna love this!
Here is a fun clip of Kristi hanging out with her sister Kinky Kylie.  Just kickin' it
around the house enjoying some "girl time".  Kylie is behind the camera cheering
her sister on as she farts away all over the premises!  Kylie is right there to explain
the smell of Kristi's NOXIOUS gases and let me also say I wish I was there too!
Ok.. here is the deal.  She is a hot girl and you are a ugly guy.  You have to listen
to her crap everyday and maybe she will "hook u up" at the end of the night.  
She will talk about her girl friends, what she watched on TV today... BLAH BLAH BLAH!
She is hot and you are not so you gotta just sit there and take it.  And by the way
shes got real BAD gas today!  If you are nice to her and be a good listener she
will turn around and stick that round ass in your face and let you sniff her stinky farts!  Fair enough?!
What do you think would happen if a person ate nothing but beans for a whole week straight!
Seriously!  For breakfast lunch and dinner only beans for a whole week!  I will tell you what
happens... some of the LONGEST, BASSIEST, BEEFIEST FARTS you will ever hear!
Join Princess of farts right now to see the EXPLOSIVELY WET results!  These farts
were JUICY and had a lot of "hang time".  The smell... HOT GARBAGE!  Don't miss this!
Look at how round my ass is! Is it perfect or what?! I will put on my sexiest and cutest panties and let you
have a look at my "apple bottom" and see for yourself. It is so phat and round it will make you drool! After
you worship my amazing ass I am going to slip down my panties and I want you to tongue my asshole
while I fart on it! That's right! I want you to lick and suck on my farting asshole!
(Sorry, I was in a very hardcore mood when I made this clip, hehe.
If you like your fart clips NASTY you will love this one!)
Let's make a deal. I will suck on your c*ck for as long as you want and I will even
fart while I am doing it. That way as I stroke and slobber on your c*ck you will
also smell my LONG BASSY FART BOMBS coming out of my round ass!
But I need you to do something for me, give me a facial. I want you to squirt
your j*zz all over my mouth and face as you come to the ulitmate climax!
Yes, I know this is your dream and this is a very REALISTIC POV video
that you will never ever forget!
I know you have been waiting a long time to see your Princess do a face fart clip!
Well your dreams have come true! Watch me release my world famous fart bombs
right into the face of my slave and right up his poor nostrils. The smell is AWFUL!
You can tell by the look on his face and by the sound of my devilish laughter, MWHUAHHHAHAH!
I have always wondered what it would feel like cutting a stinky fart right into someones face,
now I know and I can't wait to do it again! POF fans this is for you! You have been DYING
to see me do a face fart clip well your dreams have now come true!
"I Touch Myself...."
Ok who remembers that song? Anyhoo.. I was very horny the other night and I like
to touch myself while taking a hot bubble bath. Something about that hot water on
my.. well.. you know.... anyways besides being horny I was also very gassy that nite
from home made chili. I tried to lay there and pleasure myself but I kept ripping
them! One after another... I was so horny that even the smell of my own farts
was kinda getting me going... I am just a mess sometimes :)
Morning Farts!
I usually like to get up outta bed and get freshened up before I start filming my
farts for you guys but this week I was feeling a little under the weather. I
decided to film my morning farts for you all and boy did I have some good ones this week!
As a matter of fact I always have killer gas when I first wake up and I have been
wasting these babies for years now. Haha there is no need for alarm clocks
in my house.. my farts wake up the entire neighborhood!